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Flashnote is a quick notes manager for your quick work with any text information
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16 November 2015

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Jolt down quick notes and rough notes with this handy, smart and convenient tool called Flashnote.
As the name suggests with this small, quick, convenient and handy rough copy it becomes very easy to jolt down notes in a flash. While talking over the phone or while chatting you may need to write down some quick notes or copy an URL in such case this rough copy will prove handier than any other tool. This tool, exclusively designed to be handy, fast and smart proves to be better than notepad, PIM or any other similar tools. Just press the shortcut combination for instant access to your rough copy. When done just press escape and the program will go in the invisible mode. This tool is not any personal information manager, nor any electronic notebook neither is it any substitute to the notepad or any other text editor, it is just a rough book for your quick work without hampering your important data.
The simplicity of the tool lets you manage your rough notes in a clean way without any panic.

Publisher's description

Do you often need to quickly write something down? Maybe you need to record a telephone number when the phone book is far away, write a TODO list, save a URL to reuse later, there are lots of examples. And lots of solutions: open Notepad, use a personal information manager (e.g. My Notes Center), or use some other programs for creating and saving text. But all those methods are slow. Even a PIM is a "heavy" class program.

Flashnote is a lightweight notes manager created for such cases. When you need a rough copy to save or write down some pieces of a text, Flashnote is small, quick and convenient. Press the shortcut-key combination and a quick notes manager is on the screen in a flash of a second. Press ESC to hide the program. It's simple.
Flashnote is not a replacement for Notepad or some other text editor. Flashnote is a quick notes manager that can be used any time during work process and without fear to damage important data. You'll find it really helpful in your computer work.
Version 4.61
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